Alfaro Violins’ inventory includes student and professional level violins, violas, cellos and bows. Please contact Alfaro Violins for a list of instruments currently available. Click here to view Pablo Alfaro instruments and The Alfaro Violins' Collection

Repairs, Restoration and Tone Adjustment

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Alfaro Violins offers high quality repairs and artistic restoration for violins, violas and cellos. Pablo Alfaro’s tone adjustments get the full potential of any instrument.


Alfaro Violins’ consignment agreement applies 20% commission with the exception of high price range instruments or bows.


a) Insurance Appraisal evaluates the replacement value of an instrument or bow and includes a full description of the item.
b) Verbal Appraisal describes an overall idea of the item as is.


Schedule an appointment to get a second opinion if you are looking to purchase an instrument or bow from a different source. Half an hour consultation service rate will apply.
Getting your restoration estimate is free.


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Pablo Alfaro frequently offers seminars and lectures to students, musicians, and violin makers. For more information, please contact Alfaro Violins.

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